User Data Privacy

Hey friends,

I want to know whether there is an option to restrict all others users - including admins and developers - from viewing the data entered by users. (I.e. allow only the user who has entered the data to view the same)

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Currently no, there is no way. At the moment an Admin or App Owner can use the ‘Run as’ feature to look at any users data, but I understand we are in luck and on Monday we will have the possibility to remove this feature so that Admins cannot look at user data in production.

Look out for Bubble Hackathon news on Monday. We should get good news.


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Thank you so much @mangooly

Can you please let me know where can I follow the Bubble Hackathon news?

It gets published on the forum.

This is good news, because this feature is absolutely essential for what I am doing.

@mangooly The new feature announcement has the following announcement:

"For collaborators on your app, there’s a new permission level for accessing the data of your app that lets the collaborator see the data, but not use “Run as”. @zoe "

Can you let me know whether this is the feature through which we can restrict admins and developers from viewing user’s data?

Hi @darshanproject01,

Yes, thats it. I think its a really good add on to protect user data.


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