User Going "Back" Affecting Booleans

Hi everyone!

I need help theory crafting a way around this issue. Essentially I’ve got ‘Jobs’ which are , when accepted by clicking an Accept Button, get some of their booleans switched from no to yes.

This acts as its supposed to however my issue is that some Users will leave the page/close the tab/ click the return button before finishing the job. This leavess the Job’s fields such as ‘In Progress’ in a ‘yes’ state, however since the User left the Job, It’s not In Progress anymore,

Wondering if anyone can shed sopme light in what they’d do in this situation? Thanks a lot Bubblers!


Do you mean that these are Custom States?

So you can either store on the DB, or probably a better solution is to have a page URL parameter.

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So the ‘Jobs’ Data type has a few fields which are booleans. For example one is ‘Job started’. When the Job is new , the default is ‘No’ for this field. However, when the user clicks “Accept” Button, This field is changed from “JobStarted = no” to “JobStarted = yes”.
The issue with this is that when JobStarted is changed to yes, and the user closes the page/goes back/closes the tab, the field is still “JobStarted = yes”.

My question would be if its possible to introduce some kind of way that works around this, as these data field changes occur in the WF of the Accept Button, so they are not custom states.

They are not custom states because in other sections andpages of my app I resurface and filter the same types of boolean data for other Users.


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