User input data appearing on multiple rows of database

When I run a test with a test user on a simple input form, the resulting additions to my database each appear as new rows rather than on a single row. How do I get them all on a single row associated with that test user?

(I suspect I’m using the wrong command(s) in workflow, but I don’t see how to fix it anywhere in support.)

Thanks so much!

Hi there, @paul36… I, too, suspect you are using the wrong actions in your workflow (in fact, I am all but certain of it), and if you can share screenshots of your workflow steps, I’m guessing it will be pretty clear what’s going on.

Thanks! Here’s the “Company Name” field. (It’s a type I called “Thing1” but that should probably change to something clearer like “Client_Info.”)

Yup, you are definitely doing it wrong, and no offense, but you should really consider taking a step back and working through the tutorials and watching the academy videos because what you are trying to do is Bubble 101 stuff, and without a good understanding of the basics, you are really going to struggle to get up what is a pretty steep learning curve.

The above being said, you are creating a new thing in the database every time an input’s value is changed. You need to create a new thing only once, and you need to set all of the fields when the thing is created or you need to change the newly-created thing (rather than creating another new thing) when other inputs are changed.

Thanks! I suspected that.

And no offense taken on the ignorance front. I’ve been watching tutorials, videos, reading the manual, scouring YouTube, etc. and none of these things was explicitly covered even when they give step-by-steps. Can you recommend your favorite source of clear, complete education?

Talking about setting all the fields , for instance, in the video (at about minute :25) they talk about the idea of a new thing being automatically attributed to a user, and the illustration shows it on a single line–which is not what happened in my case. They don’t explain how to change the record. And in the manual, it’s not explained either.

Really appreciate your help and any recommendations you have!

If you have a form and you want changes to be saved to the database without having to click a save button, you can look into auto-binding.

I wouldn’t say I have a favorite source for education because it’s been a long time since I learned Bubble from scratch, but if you haven’t seen it already, I don’t think you can go wrong with this video from one of the best in the Bubble business.

Love it! This looks great, Mike. Thanks.
(And, yes, I am one of those entrepreneurs with a specific idea in mind before I even start.)

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