Add data on a same things row from multiple pages

In my app i have input fields from multiple pages and i want to add data in same row in database from multiple pages so how can i do it??

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do you have any visual example of what are you trying to achieve?

as you can see i have this thing in my DB and two entries in it bu i want a single entry in my table the issue is i have 3 pages of my from and i want all page data in one row in my table…

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You can change each field type as list type. Then you can add all the values in one row. In your workflow use make to changes to a thing instead of creating new thing.

But can you tell us what are trying to achieve here by doing this. There might others ways to of doing that. Please share more details if possible.

all value means one user data but the problem is i have 3 form and all are in different pages so how can i add one entry in one from different pages…

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have you solved this? I have the exact same question. Thanks!

Not solved…