How do you get your database to format inputs correctly?

Hi there!

I have created an input form by using popups and input fields, to navigate through the form you’ll add information to the input field, then click the next button which will take you to another popup with more input fields and so on. Like so:

Popup A (Add input) (Click next) > Popup B (Add input) (Click next) > Popup C (Add input) (Click Complete)

(Save inputs and store in database)

The problem is that as you add all of these inputs, they all appear on different lines on the database making it impossible to know which inputs came from what user.
It’s important that the user does not need to create an account so is there another way to distinguish who is who?

I have provided some screenshots of the popups and input fields and a screenshot displaying how this appears on the database.

To be clear - The screenshots you are seeing are from me running through this input form once, and i have replicated the process as if i was one customer putting my information into the app for the first time.

Thank you for any help!

Could you use the email as the identifier?

It looks like you’re creating a new thing every time the ‘next’ button is clicked, rather than updating the one you’ve already created.

Can you share some screenshots of your workflows so we can see exactly what you’re doing.

Sure i can do that, but you’re right i think i have done that

And then associate all other inputs with that email?

You’re right i have created a new thing every time, would i not need to first create a new thing (on the first input) and then update that thing for every step after?

Could i ‘create a new thing’ on popup 1 - which would be ‘New_Energy_Inout_Form’

and then for popup 2,3,4,5 just update ‘New_Energy_Input_Form’

Which option would be correct for that to work as i have selected create new thing for each one?


An easier way may be to use custom states to control which step the user is on and to only create 1 thing once.

Hide and show groups as needed. When the user is finally done, create a single DB entry with all the associated/needed info.

Yes, I like page states + hide / showing group the best.

Another idea: I think you could use the current user variable.

When you a user comes to the page and creates a form, it will be linked to that user. Even if the user is not actually created in the database.

So, you can have multiple pages and every time the user hits next the workflow can:

  1. make a change to a thing
  2. the thing is do a search for Electricity_Input_Form where creator is current user : first item
    That should give you the same form (if it’s the same computer, the user has accepted cookies, and the user has no wiped the cookies).

So in the first instance (popup 1) would I create a new Electricity_Input_Form? and then for each of the following instances (Popup 2,3,4,5…) do the steps that you described:

  1. make a change to a thing
  2. the thing is do a search for Electricity_Input_Form where creator is current user : first item

Thank you for your comment by the way!

Thanks Jared, is custom states something that i would create within workflows?

You create on an element (I would recommend always putting it on the page) and you update it with workflows (set state).

Thank you very much!