'User is logged out' workflow doesn't work on iOS Safari

Not sure if this is just me, however the ‘User is logged out’ workflow I have set on one of my pages is being completely ignored by Safari on iPhone.

I have a page I don’t want to show to non-registered users, so I’ve set a workflow to redirect the user to the signup page if they’re not logged in (as per @fayewatson’s excellent post here Best approach to directing users who aren't logged in?)

This works great on desktop browsers and iOS Chrome, however iOS Safari ignores the redirect and shows the page to any user, logged in or not.

iOS 12 on an iPhone 7 Plus if that helps with answering this question.

Hope someone can help me out, this is a relatively crucial part of my app.

Thanks in advance!


Hi James! :slight_smile: I’m not 100% sure but this sounds like a bug if it is only occuring on iOS 12. If you create a new, blank test application with that same “User is logged out” --> Go to other page workflow, does the same behavior occur when testing on your iPhone?

Can you check the debugger and see which Workflows are running?

Hi @jamesdaly

I sent a bug report 3 weeks ago with an example. The first time you open Safari, Bubble go down and does not use the user information. It blocks any action from the initial workflow (page is loaded). No ‘workflow’ is executed. By doing a ‘refresh’ of Safari everything comes in order. I am waiting for the resolution of this issue. I don’t know if it’s the same thing in your case.

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