Issues with "Log n User In" on iOS and macOS?

Hi folks,

We are seeing some strange behaviour on iOS and macOS in both safari and chrome where workflows have halted.

In particular, we have a workflow that creates an account (or returns existing), assigns a temp password, and then, logs the user in (using the created account and password from previous steps). It does seem to actually log the user in, and then freezes the workflow.

This workflow proceeds as expected on Android and Windows, but not macOS, or iOS on chrome, safari, or firefox. It seems to freeze the workflow after “Log the user in” and not proceed to the next workflow step.

The Server logs show the workflow proceeding as expected and do not show any errors or other indications of an issue.

We’ve even trapped for “when an unhandled error occurs” to show an error message in the workflow, but that’s not catching anything.

I’ve reported it as a bug to bubble support, but the response is slow, and our app is down on our most popular device class.

Any thoughts or is anyone else seeing similar? @nocodeventure this mirrors the workflow used in your auth0 plugin demo pages, are you seeing any issues on these devices?

Might it be a cookies/security issue on macOS/iOS that’s not allowing the passing of the temp password between steps?

Thanks, folks for your help.

Hey @jon4

I use the same auth0 plugin on a project and haven’t had this issue on safari in either macOS or iOS. It does take a moment to log people in once you get redirected back to the app with the token, but it should only be a moment. Anyway, in my case I put in a loading animation because people were complaining.

I can’t help but wonder if the redirection is waiting for Step 10 to complete (i.e. 5 minutes). Sometimes workflows perform differently across different browsers.

Why don’t you push that to a backend workflow and see if the problem still exists?

It’s also probably worthwhile running the page with the debug mode on and see where it gets stuck. If this action is holding up the redirection then you’ll be able to see that.

My guess is that’s what’s happening, and it wouldn’t be clear from the server logs because nothing would be failing.

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Thanks @josh24 for the note back. It was indeed taking some time, and I also had added a spinning animation. However, in the iOS and MacOS on safari cases, the workflow cam to a screeching halt.

In the end, I broke the workflow down and trapped for “When user is logged in”, then finish the workflow Just Once and it seemed to do the trick.

Not sure why is stopped working out of the blue, but new workflow seems to work in all environments now.

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