Logged current user is not recognized

Hi everyone!!

I’m a newcomer to Bubble and testing functionalyties…
I’ve tried to put a buttom on a blank page (no plugins, nothing more in the project) just displaying “click on me - current user’s e-mail” but it dosen’t work to catch dynamic data from logged user to be displayed.

It seems that Bubble doesn’t recognize that I’m logged in…

Have you ever seen something like that?

Are you sure you’re logged in?

I guess so…There is a way to confirm, beyond first page access display?

You’re logged into Bubble.

But you’re probably not logged into your app.

If all you app has so far is a single blank page with a button on it then there’s no way you can be logged in, as you haven’t created the login forms and functionality to sign up and log in yet.

You can check in your app data to see all the registered users, but if it’s a brand new app and you haven’t built the sign-up functionality yet there will be no users in the database.

So you’ll first need to create the elements and workflows for sign up and login in before your app will be able to display a logged in user’s data.

The easiest way to do that is to use the pre-built login/signup form that can be found under ‘Element Templates’ at the bottom of the left hand panel in the app editor.

Or you can create your own.

Once your app has the ability to sign users up and log them in, then it will recognise a logged in user and display their data wherever you want it to.

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Thanks a lot!
I was thinking that just been app’s owner would be enough, to be considered logged in.

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