User login with a Reference Number & Email only (No Password)?


I’m new to bubble so not sure on how things work exactly.

I want to have a log in page where the user can log in with a reference number and their email like:

Enter Your Email:
Enter Your Reference Number:

The users email and reference number will already exist in the database before they try to login. They will exist as:

“Client Email & Client Reference Number”

And should this data be under “User” or as a new Date Type?

Any way of doing this?


Hi @Jay0

User login needs to go through the User data type as that is the type Bubble uses to handle credentialing.

If you already have the email and reference numbers, what you can do is:

  1. Create User records for each of those emails either manually via CSV upload, through individual entry, or through a workflow “Create account for someone else.” The password won’t be set for this user yet.
  2. Save the Reference number to a text field
  3. Create a yes/no field for “Updated Password?” and set to “no” as default.
  4. The first time the user logs in:
  • Action 1 = Assign temporary password to Search for Users (constraint: email = email input’s value, password = reference input’s value) :first item
  • Action 2 = Log the user in > email = email input’s value, password = result of step 1
  • Action 3 = Update Credentials > new password = current user’s reference

Essentially you are setting the reference as their official Bubble password. Hope that helps get you in the right direction. Feel free to reach out for a coaching session at the link below if you want to work through it together!

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