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User´s password management


I would like to manage the password´s of my app´s users however whenever a new user signs up i am not able to see the password set on the user list in my data base.
How can this be done?

Additionally what is bubble default password?
Thanks so much!
José Andrés

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As far as I’m aware passwords are not stored in plain text so you are not able to see them. If you were to use any other method other than what Bubble has provided it could raise some serious security concerns within your app.


Thanks burnsadam123 so it means that only the users are capable to change their passwords?
When i create a user on the database without setting a password, what would be the default password that bubble assigns to it?

When you generate a user in the in the app data you are not actually creating an account you are just preloading some data. You could make a section to generate accounts and generate the password then run work flow when a user has never logged in they are required to change the password.