How to view user password?

Hi there,

I am still a beginner for Bubble and I was wondering is there a way to get access/ view the user’s password information. When I go to the Data>App Data, it displays email, unique id and etc, but I can’t seem to get the password.

I’m aware that Bubble hides the user password for security purposes and it is a bad practice to display the password. Since the website I’m doing is ONLY for assignment purposes, user security is not that important for me.

I hope I can get an answer.
Thank you.

Not possible, unfortunately…

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You can create an use your own authentication system. But the level of security will not be the same

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Do you have any references or guides that I can follow?

I am still new to Bubble and need a bit of guidance.

Thank you.

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Just create your own process by using condition and a text field to store password.
When user log in, check if password = Do a search for user (email = input email) first item.
If yes, log in, if not show an error message.
But honestly, I don’t know why you want to do that? I don’t really see a good reason to use a custom auth workflow in your case.

I addition to Jicy, i think that you can achieve that creating inside the User “table”, a field of type text, and name it “password” or the name that you want.

Then, when the user sign up, on the workflow step: “create a new thing”, save the value of the password input in the new password field created by you.

I suggest you to inform that to your users too.