User Sign Up - duplicate email workflow

When a user signs up, but the email is already registered with another user, the sign up workflow is cut short and a pop up is displayed saying “Email Already Used:”.

I’ve considered adding a conditional state where the “Sign Up” button is disabled if the new user’s entered email matches a pre-existing user’s email in the database. The problem I have with this is that it requires user emails to be viewable to anyone on my webpage (even if they are not logged in). This is a privacy problem for my project.

Is there a way to trigger a specific workflow when a new user clicks “Sign Up”, and a pre-existing email in the database is found? In my case, a “progress bar” appears during the sign up process (can take 5-10 seconds). I’d like the “progress bar” to disappear and the “Sign Up” button to reappear if a duplicate email is found.

Thanks! Sherman

First, I’d recommend looking at how the bigger sites handle this as well as other players in your field. And, they have lots of engineers & resources to solve this type of problem so you probably want something much simpler, but it’ll give you a sense for what’s normal.

Second, there are numerous technological solutions but the right one really depends on what you’re trying to do from a UX perspective. Here are some related Bubble ideas that may be part of a solution:

  • You could run a separate workflow when the user clicks sign-up and the email address already exists.
  • You can catch the “error message” that Bubble sends back and have it say something different.

For example, if they try to sign up with an email that’s already in use, perhaps you send them an email to confirm they own the email address.

Thanks for the reply @sridharan.s. Is there a way to invoke your first dot point? I.e. execute a workflow when a pre-existing email is detected after the sign up button is clicked? This would solve my problem :slight_smile:

Yes. Create a workflow that’s triggered when user clicks the submit button. Then add a condition so it only runs when search for user’s where email = input-email’s value :count > 0

Then add the actions for this.

And, be sure to set another workflow to run only when that same search :count = 0 — you want to structure the workflows so that when the user clicks submit only one of the workflows runs.

Great, thanks @sridharan.s. Appreciate the input :slight_smile:

I ended up finding a different solution that would keep user emails private, which was important for my project. Essentially, I linked the workflow “an unhandled event occurred” to the sign up button on my app. Therefore, when a duplicate email is detected, the workflow is triggered, and a text pops up saying “Email already registered on platform” (I also made the “progress bar” disappear and the “Sign Up” button reappear). Woohoo. Sherman

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