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I am working on a project, it needs to enable user to user chat like whatapp chating. Do you have any suggession? Is there any simple and good looking api for chat services? Or do you have any templete to suggest that is working perfect in mobile device? I am going to use webview gold wrapper.

Hello, there are some plugins that may be useful.
Here are some free plugins: (i think this is the best one)
Olark Live Chat by bubble (it says allows users to communicate with each other, the above plugins say you can communicate with your website visitors but I think you can configure it to make it user-to-user communication)

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@bentoj72 I’m not aware of any plugin to reproduce a chat system between users

You could however use RGs to reproduce a Whatsapp style chat.
Have a look here for some inspiration:

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I have build my own recently along with a notification system, there are a few templates, but none of them work, they just look nice! Mine is the opposite, although its starting to look better every day.

You want the users to create a ‘conversation’ and then their messages are given a ‘conversation ID’. I also store if the message has been read.

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Have you tried any of the plugins I mentioned earlier? Some of them seem promising

@grace.hallak thank you. i think these services for web admin to website visitor chat right?. I was looking for user to user chat like fb messenger.

@ambroisedlg thank you. let me check this one. I think I can manipulate same in my app.

Yes. I was trying with one of the template, its it has some problems.

all of them are web admin to website visitor chat except for the last one. Check it out

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Check out this template created by @fayewatson. It’s a well document, mobile friendly, responsive, solid messenger / chat app, just like whatsapp:

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