User Types without Email Address


I am building an app where clinician users create patient records (Patient Type) to manage clinical info. Clinician specific fields such as Specialty, Affiliation, Degrees etc are kept in a type called Clinician and baseline fields such as address, phone number etc are in Bubble’s built-in User type.

Clinicians typically register patients and not patients themselves, but some patients may want to login to view their data and interact with clinicians. I can handle this using ‘Create Account for Someone Else’ action. However, this requires all patients to have email addresses, which they may not!

I cannot see a workaround and would be grateful for any suggestions as to how best to implement this.

So what you want is to allow Users to use your system without having an email address? I’m not sure if that is possible. You could use a social media login but I guess if they don’t gave an email address, they do not have a social media account either.

If they do not need to log in to see data, you could create new data type. Something like ‘Contact’ that has similar fields as the User data type, but is not meant for logging in.

Setting users up without an email address will be tricky. You could try something with the token generated and use that to set a password that you can send to a client with a fictionous email address. But how are you sending the login details in the first place :stuck_out_tongue:

Another option is to generate a code that a website visitor could use to login to their file without them being a registered user. You could utilize SMS for this, I’m pretty sure there is something to be found on this on the forum. But this is very sensitive data, so you need to be careful with all that.

One thing I want to point out is that Bubble is NOT HIPAA compliant. I’d be very, very, very cautious about the type of data you’re building into this application. I’d hate for you to get down the road and encounter some nasty legal issues.

HIPAA compliance is not something on the current Bubble roadmap, so I wanted to point that out.

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Thank you @vincent56 - your second paragraph describes what I have currently done - created a Patient Type, with fields for name, address AND a field for email address (instead of attempting to keep those data in User Type as email might be empty and therefore will not be possible). I am thinking of creating a new User Type too, if and when the patient supplies an email address. The tricky bit is to link the two Types at that point - any thoughts on that?

@andrewgassen, I am not aiming for US market so HIPPA compliance does not come into it. However, I am aware that lots of clinicians will find Bubble very suitable to create applications of this type. So Bubble could do with gaining HIPPA compliance. Historically the clinical community used FileMaker to create custom apps for research and clinical purposes. Bubble’s ease of use is very nearly similar - except the database scenario seems to confuse lots of people here.

In that situation, I would still choose to create a user with a temp email like or something as a placeholder.

I have an object for Contacts of whom I know they will never become Users.