Can I store a person's data without them creating an account?

I’m making a scheduling app that connects Americans with dentists in Mexico. Here’s the non-working prototype:

There’s no need for users to create an account or have a login.

Is it possible for me to store a person’s data without them making an account?
Here’s the data I need to store:

  • Dental procedure
  • Dental exam date
  • Email


Yes, it is… just create another datatype to store the data on.

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It won’t really be “personal” data like with privacy rules where only they can see it, but yea you can make buttons that does workflows without logging in.

Think of like an anonymous survey form, it asks questions and asks for a name an email just to collect the info but doesn’t actually require the user to make an account.

Would the doctors have user accounts? If so you can still put privacy rules on the data types so only the doctors can see the patients so at least it’s not public data.

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If you add those fields onto the user it will store even if they’re not logged in.

It’s a great Bubble feature that we use a lot!!

Bubble considers a User as anyone on your site… Logged in or not.

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Thanks Adamhhomes, tyler11 & shwabbie. Very helpful.

How does Bubble handle knowing the difference between not signed up users? I would imagine refreshing then running a workflow doesn’t make a new user, but would clearing your browsers cookies, then revisiting a site generate a new user? Are the email and password fields just blank but it still stores data?

Not sure how Bubble does it… But I know they made it for situations like this by default.

I store things like a users zip code and what team or player they are currently viewing so I can show them information that is relevant to them. Then if they create an account I already have that info to store for them. If they don’t create an account and leave our site, the info is automatically deleted by Bubble after a certain amount of time.

Hope that helps.

Thanks, that actually makes sense like websites where you can add things to your cart, then sign up and it’s still in your cart.

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