User verification and validation

Hey Guys,

How can we verify users on Bubble?
Liveness would be BEST + ID and SMS.
Is there something you came across that might be a solution?

Looking forward to your replies!
Thanks a lot!

Hello @mvandrei,

Perhaps you can try the following approach, which is not a direct ID verification but a combination of biometrics and gestures:

  1. Ask your user to upload a face picture - that would be our reference.

  2. Ask your user a second face picture with a required facial expression (closed eyes, open mouth, smile…)

  3. Check if it is the same person by comparing the reference and the second picture using AWS Rekognition - Compare Faces Plugin plugin, which you can try out here:

  4. Check if the facial expression on the picture matches the one you have requested to the user, using AWS Rekognition - Faces Recognition Plugin plugin, try it out here:

Does it help ?


Very interesting. I’ll check it out, thanks!

Update on that one @mvandrei & all,

You can try these two new plugins:

Feel free to reach out if required.