Unsubscribe link in password reset email via Sendgrid

Hello Bubblers!

As start using Sendgrid, I notice that all Unsubscribe link is attached in the emails. And I know I can control it in templates.

However For reset PW, I’m using the default component from Bubble. But even that reset pw email, the unsubcribe. The notice comes right after the PW reset link, which isn’t really ideal. But I can’t see how to control that automatic Unsubscribe link.

Any thought?


Is the unsubscribe link in your template?

Yes it is. I understood that it’s mandatory to include the unsubscribe link.

But the issue in reset password email is that there’s no Sendgrid template for it, as I just stick with the Bubble’s default message.

Hm Perhaps I should create a template for that? but the how to capture the actual password reset link?

Have you not entered a default template ID in the email setting for you app? That will be used for all standard emails sent from your Bubble app (such as password reset and confirmation email).

If not then I suggest you do that - create a default template in sendgrid (it has to be a Legacy template to work with the standard Bubble emails) and enter that template on your app email settings.

You don’t have to include an unsubscribe link in transactional emails (only in marketing emails), but you may wish to do so anyway, so just include one, or not, in the template, and format it however you like so it appears below the body, rather than directly next to it.

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Amazing @adamhholmes !!

Indeed I didn’t set up the default template. Thanks for the instructions! I managed to solved it.

And great to know that unsubscription is only required in marketing emails – that makes sense!


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