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Using a Drawing Tablet for Building in Bubble

Hi everyone (: I was just wondering if anyone has tried building in Bubble using something like a Wacom pen/drawing tablet? I have a feeling it would be easier/faster and give you more control when building in Bubble vs. using a trackpad or a mouse. Has anyone tried this? I’m considering getting this one to compare!

Here’s a demo of a more advanced tablet being used for 3d modeling:

It’s also helpful for annotating screencasts if anyone is thinking of creating videos of their apps working, or teaching a lesson:

I’ve got one, and tried using it after seeing your post. In my humble opinion, it makes building on Bubble harder, slower, and less pleasant. I regularly use the tablet for annotating and for creating art for the games I develop, but I can safely say I won’t be using it again to build web apps on Bubble!


Ah! Gotcha. That’s helpful to know. Thanks Andrew!