Ipad pro 9 inch with bubble?

Hey all, im new to bubble, im a truck driver and i used to code on my computer at home before this job, but as im making more money now and can afford to get back into making apps for people i was planned on picking up a refurbished ipad pro 9.2 inch from the truck stop, now before everyone says dont, believe me id much rather have a computer setup to code on, but my question is for a very minimal instance, can i use bubble on the ipad without a keyboard and mouse, i know its better to have, but is it possible to complete a build without it? Id like to know before i buy one because if not then itll just be a laptop ill have to spend more on, thanks in advance for info and answers.

It’s possible to eat pure salt, that doesn’t make it particularly nice.

Why not get an iPad with a Bluetooth mouse? If Bubble is likely to be a significant use of the device then get a laptop though.


I understand that, im not going to be going all out really, just starting as a side project for fun to get a feel for the program before i get fully into it, i know its better to just get a proper setup, but bottom line is it possible to do on just the ipad pro? Only reason for ipad is the truck stops sell refurbished ones for cheap and i dont find myself in places to get better equipment often so for basic purpose of feeling out bubble will it work?

Probably possible (with a mouse is reuqired) but you won’t find it fast or easy.

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It’s possible but it’s going to feel like hell building on bubble.

I once tried to fix a bug on my phone when I forgot to bring my laptop. It was so hard and it took a long time to finish too. I was debugging the workflows only so it was still borderline doable. I can’t imagine using a phone/ipad for the frontend though :grimacing:

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Thanks for the info, im still in the process of deciding, might just have to bite the bullet and find a laptop eventually, being a trucker means getting things delivered to me is out of the question, ill just have to stop at a Walmart or something