RepeatingGroup OR Search

This seems to have been asked a lot before but I’m struggling to replicate the solutions to my own project. I have made a repeating group, this repeating group appears like a Table and has headers for each option.

I want to use an input element to search for any items that are showing in this list, where one of the fields shown contains the text given.

For example, despite an “Activity Log” having a field called “Description” you can’t see this “Description” value in the RepeatingGroup - so it would not make sense for a user to search for something and have an activity log shows purely because the description contains that text as you can’t see it.

Therefore I can’t use the “any field” containing the option.

Any help would be appreciated.

Is any help available?

Hi there, @cliffwoodjames… this suggestion might not be the best way to go, but one thing that comes to mind is you could use Any field in the initial search and then add the :minus list operator to the end of the search and remove a list of things where a field that isn’t showing contains the input’s value.

Again, maybe not the best way to go, but maybe it will work for your use case.

Hope this helps.


Hi this works quite well, the issue I’m having though is that the “Any field” operator only allows for “contains” not contains keyword etc…

Say I’m searching for “Pend”, I’d want the RG to show results for words like “Pending” but in this case it’ll display no records until the full word has been completed :frowning: