Using Amazon Beanstalk for Hosting

Hey guys

If I wanted to use Amazon Beanstalk for my hosting, is that possible with Bubble?

You cannot host Bubble app somewhere else.

Ok so just to confirm, Bubble have effectively designed their business model as the following:

We want you to create web apps

Which you have to host with us

I suspected this was the case. This is the most short sighted business model I have EVER encountered

& already, Bubble are losing market share to Wappler > created > AFTER > they realised how STUPID > this FORCED HOSTING strategy was

Wouldn’t it be more shortsighted if their model was:
We want you to create and app with us
As soon as you are finished with your app, you are gonna leave and not pay us anymore

Just asking :wink: Just because it doesn’t fit your needs doesn’t make it a bad business model. Wappler caters more to developers. You need to know how to handle databases etc., where Bubble can be used be anyone but still is as powerful as you could want.

While I agree that flexibility in hosting, dB choise etc. could be awesome, I also believe it would only suit a rare few of bubbles users.


Have you heard of Wappler?

Several folks from the Bubble forum are also over on the Wappler community. I know a handful of Bubblers are switching, or in the process of switching, to Wappler for a variety of reasons.

As @simon7 mentioned, the current target audience of Wappler is different than Bubble, and that’s ok. I’m not patient enough to figure out how set up a database, worry about data migrations, fiddle with Docker, or worry about managing my own hosted infrastructure. If Wappler did all those things, I’d consider looking it more seriously for myself. Maybe one day it will!

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Yeah, that’s why I wrote about it…

Wappler caters more to developers

Bubble is not for everyone and neither is Wappler. If your are confident in Wappler you might find some aspects of bubble limiting, while other aspects are liberating as @andrewgassen points out.

I’m also interested in this topic. Working in Switzerland and Europe, some of my clients are a little “put off” by their data being stored in the US. Would it be possible when signing up to Bubble to have a choice? Store on a US server provider or an EU / Swiss provider ? If that feature was available I know it would make my sales conversations a lot easier.

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They have europe options for dedicated plans.

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Yeah that’s unfortunate. I would have liked to have seen these options for the business plans too. Seems a pretty standard option for most businesses these days.

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Yup, they could host multiple instances but they chose to keep it in the US

Thank you for the info!

At the moment, Bubble’s strategy is to keep everything under one roof to reduce costs, maintenance and updates. I think Bubble will be ready in one or two years before deployment to Europe imo.

I understand your point of view, but realistically global endpoint deployment isn’t super complicated, maintenance and updates can usually be handled from a central location. In my opinion (and I know this is somewhat of a hot potato on bubble), holding data hostage in the US is a bit of a mistake. Whilst I realise having an EU data center is possible with dedicated plans, the pricing is just way out of reach for most users.

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