Using an input field from a reusable header to render results in a separate page


I am having trouble with my group focus to connect with the input field in my header. I am aware that connecting elements in a page to elements from a reusable element is difficult but I need this for my functionality.

To summarize this, I need a search bar in a header but then need to render the results in a separate page

Few things you can do - - - Mainly depending on security.

One easy one is that you can modify the workflow on the search bar’s sending to another page with parameters in the URL. (Not great for security, but faster because there’s no database touch.)

Another is you can modify the user to have a field like “Current Search” and save it to the database. (Better security, but have to touch the database.)

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Thanks for the speedy reply! Could you please elaborate with the url parameters? I gave my input field a query with the search input’s value but do not know how to call it on another page.

The workflow would be

Homepage with reusable header -> User inputs text into input field -> Redirects to results page with the value of the input field -> results page renders data that contains input field’s value

Okay cool.

So on that reusable header go into where you do the workflow to send them to another page.


Add a paramater to send, which should be the input’s value.
Then on the other page pull it from the URL:

I appreciate your help. I cant seem to add data source in the page appearance.

So close! :smiley:

So lets say we’re sent to:

Sent to
(With cats being what we put in the input field, and search is the name of the parameter we’re sending - - it can be anything you want )

Then on the results page you can make a text field that does the picture above where it pulls the data from the URL. Or you can do a workflow on that page, and when you “do a search for” you can pull from the URL.

Let me know if you get it working! :smiley:

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Ahhhh! So close I can feel it. I was jumping around trying things out. I seemed to hit a roadmap here. When I put the parameter as query (that is what I have it as in my workflow from reusable element) the data does not seem to accept it

Update, I got the group focus to accept the query text by changing it to content type of text

I got it to work. Thank you so much for your help. It really went a long way. Before I part ways, I’d like to ask you if you know how to make the query stay in the search input when it goes to a new page?

One way I’d do it is to have the search field’s initial content be pulling the data from the page URL.

Then on all of your “go to page” workflows you can select “send current page parameters” which will keep the current search in the URL. (Again - - Security is an issue here if it’s anything important.)

Hope this makes sense! Goodluck with your project! :smiley:

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Awesome!!! I tried looking for the process how make the input field’s initial content be pulling the data from the url but could could not get that process set up.

Where should I begin.

Once again, thanks for all your help. You’re awesome!