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Using API plugin, how do I stop it from displaying a popup saying "Accepted" whenever I run it?

I’m using the API plugin on Bubble to send data to Google Sheets. It works great, but any time I do any action in Bubble that uses the API, Bubble displays the below “error” showing Accepted. There’s no error as it works fine but how do I stop it from displaying this popup?


Perform a workflow. When unhandled error occurs.

I don’t think I follow. That seems to be an actual workflow action but not sure how I use that? To keep it simple, I have a popup that creates a new opportunity and has 10 fields the user fills in. When they press the create button, the workflow on that button runs to create the opp using those 10 fields, and then runs the API plugin which sends the values of those 10 fields to another system. Bubble then displays that popup saying Error parsing data from Apiconnector2: Accepted.

If I create a workflow trigger “When unhandled error occurs” what is the action? I just want it to close it or ignore it as it’s not an actual error it’s just showing Accepted as in the system the API is sending the data to accepted it.

Please try change Data type “Text”
Maybe the error won’t show up anymore.