Using ArcticCode's Wikipedia API Plugin

I was excited to find this plugin but I’m so new to this I can’t figure out how to configure it. I would like to search Wikipedia first (say for an artists name), then show a list of the images returned. I am fairly ok with the the wikipedia api (for simple stuff) but just can’t see how to translate that into Bubble’eze.

Hi Jon,

I started like with no clue, and nobody to ask.

I recommend you using the API connector, no plugins.

It’s actually more straightforward than you may think.

just paste in the API URL you found, and identify the parameters you want to use in that URL.

The parameters will basically be the stuff you want to be dynamic, in your case the artist name, and images.

you will see in the URL something like artist_name=Kalimuscle

you then insert [] in the URL like so artist_name=[Kalimuscle]

and you can then dynamically change that in bubble.

The best advice would be to play around like I did and you will eventually figure it out, more than seeing other people explain it.

Thanks for the pointers and encouragement Pergolese! I’ll give that a shot. Smashing cheese Gromit!

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