Using bubble as an OAuth provider

Hi there!
I’ve been struggling for a few days now with OAuth authentication and found no help online.
Here’s the situation: I’m developing a main platform on bubble and want my users to be able to interact with a chat. So I picked RocketChat for that purpose.

The thing is, I’d like the users to be authenticated automatically in rocketchat when they access it through bubble (with a button or anything else) I started by looking at OAuth and saw bubble could be an OAuth provider, so I created a new app took the client id the secret etc… The thing is, I can’t find any documentation online for OAuth with bubble so I don’t know which URLs I need to use to make OAuth work. Does anyone know any better on here ? Have you guys made a system similar to mine and are willing to help me out ?

Thank you in advance!

It’s been more than two months now… Would anyone be willing to help me out ?

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