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Using CNAME for Whitelabel Domain

Agreed - its a big limiter. If you’d like we built a workaround for this to allow CNAME setup for Announcefly and SendPilot (see as an example of a CNAME hooked up to a roadmap built in our platform).

I ran a webinar on the setup you can get a copy of for the ticket price of £50 - let me know!

Will it show that website is SSL? And responsive?
Does it need to be subdomain from my original domain or totally different domain?

Yeah it’s fully SSL compliant and in the webinar I use a service that handles the SSL issuing and expiry automatically for you.

Can be any domain - for example our users can have or it’s completely up to them. They can use any domain :slight_smile:

Responsive isn’t affected by it - that’s your Bubble app that needs to be responsive.

Suppose i run bubble app in
Can point at ?

It’ll have to be a subdomain of their domain. For example, they could point ‘’ to - the reason for this is the CNAME SSL system discussed in the webinar doesn’t support CNAMEing the root domain to your domain so they need to use a subdomain of their domain to point to yours.

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so their subdomain point to my bubble main domain?
and it will mask mine all the way. even if i have custom state on the page? or i am sending parameters through url to another page for example?

if it will work. tell me how can i take copy and pay for the ticket?

Yes its all masked and states/url parameters that are triggered in app (for example a button that sets a navigation state or sends a parameter to the url) also work :slight_smile:

I’ll pm you and send you the Stripe link :slight_smile:


Hi Reece, I have taken your webinar before, I would like to review again to redo the Clearalias way again, I tried it before and faced the login issue before, I’ll give it a try again.

Can you send me the URL.


I’ll pm you

Is it even possible for this to be a native feature in Bubble or will this always have to be a hack?

I’m still waiting for your PM.

Hey! How did you end up solving this? I am looking to add whitelabeling myself.

What I need is a user to be able to change there profile let’s say ID to

Would this be possible with your workaround?

I built the TheirLabel plugin to solve this issue :slight_smile: It’s not perfect but it’s as good as Reece’s manual solution - which is as good as it’s going to get short of Bubble “overhauling of a bunch of their key systems”. .


Hey that’s an awesome plugin nice work! I’ll take a look, great to see the community pushing this need forward!

I do think though you should only allow the plugin to work if the user is on a paid Bubble plan and has a connected domain - Bubble have to make money so your system shouldn’t (in my opinion) let people bypass it otherwise none of us will have this great tool to build apps if they struggle to pay their bills!

Thanks Reece :slight_smile: I agree with you. Per Bubble App rules, this plugin isn’t something that free tier users can get because one has to be on a paid plan to purchase plugins in the first place. Yours is definitely a great point and it’s actually one of the reasons why this plugin isn’t free. Thanks again!

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Ah awesome that’s great - I didn’t even realise that so it’s a built in safeguard already.

Nice work - it’s amazing you’ve turned quite a long and arduous process into a simple plugin!

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Thank you Reece! :slight_smile:

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Thank you very much for time and efforts.

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I am trying to add true whitelabling of domains to bubble (without iframes)… Almost figured it out but have two issues I cant solve. Who wants to help? Almost true whitelabel domains in bubble

Hi guys, I just released a new plugin that allows for true whitelabeling with multiple domains of bubble apps without using iframes. It works in all browser including safari.