Using console.log() in SSA's?

I thought console.log() calls used to work in SSA’s. However, I don’t see any output from such calls anywhere - not even in the server logs. Am I missing something, or is there another approach?

Well, make it work in your local environment first so you know what’s going on then later adapt to SSA.
Then there’s some ways to do that (logging what’s going on in the SSA) spread around the forum, including one called “debugging ssa’s”

Thanks, @vini_brito. Yeah, I saw the other posts, including yours about local nodejs setup. However, console.log() is mentioned in some of those posts, so I’m wondering what happened to it. It obviously used to work.

For a quick-and-dirty test of a simple concept, being able to log to console is handy and faster than local dev. Plus, I was wanting to check something that I know works locally but am not sure is available in Bubble’s SSA environment.

EDIT: And just to be clear, there’s no error generated from console.log() calls, but no output either (at least not where I’m looking).

I also don’t see any console.log output from my server-side actions when checking server logs…