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Using with Bubble

I’m currently building a Warby Parker-esk type web app for a client. Basically the customers will be able to virtually try on the glasses that my client sells. I already have this part worked out by using, this is the best option I can see for now.

The issue is that customers need to be able to use this “virtual try on” and then use information from the DeepAR SDK to start an order within Bubble. Just taking a quick look at it today, the only way I’ve found to embed the DeepAR module into Bubble is by using an HTML block, and the only way that I personally see to gather information from this block is by using an event listener in the HTML5 code.

Does anyone have any ideas/tips/a plugin (willing to have a custom plugin built) to help me get this to work?

Another idea I just had (I’m not very knowledgeable on this subject so pardon my use of language here), is connecting the SDK through the API connector not a thing? My background is in front end HTML, so please enlighten me.