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Using MailerSend for transactional emails


Is there anyone out there who has successfully set up MailerSend with their Bubble app using the API connector? And is willing to share/help with the correct settings?

Can’t find even a single mention of MailerSend anywhere on the forum!!!

Hello! :wave:

Yes, we can guide you with connecting MailerSend using the API connector.

Once you’ve added the API name, you need to set the Authentication to “None or self-handled” and then add the following shared headers:

Key: Authorization
Value: Bearer {Your MailerSend API Token}

Key: Content-Type
Value: application/json

Key: X-Requested-With
Value: XMLHttpRequest

If you’re adding a call to send an email, make sure you select the Data type as “Empty” otherwise you won’t be able to initialize the call.

We hope this helps!