User email address not recognized in Zapier & Mailersend

So I’m trying to connect my Bubble app to Mailersend through Zapier. The goal is to send out a transactional email based on the inputs on a certain page on my app. I’ve (more or less) been able to get Mailersend running, and create the Zap on Zapier.
The problem is that Zapier (and thereby Mailersend) seems to require a certain data field to specifically be an email address, whereas Bubble only knows text fields. See the screenshots below. What am I doing wrong?

Why are you using the Mailersend via the Zapier?

Mailersend provides the rest API, use them and send an email directly via the Bubble.

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Because I’m trying to integrate Zapier into my general workflow, and it seemed easier to set up Mailersend that way.
You mean that I can connect to Mailersend through the API Connector Plugin, right? I’d prefer to get it working through Zapier, but otherwise I might give that a go.

Yes. You can call the api via Api connector

Thanks! I’d still be interested in figuring out why it doesn’t work through Zapier, though. So if anyone has an idea about why this might not work, please share