Using one page to display product description

i have a repeated group the showcases a list of items and i want to set a workflow where selecting the item will take me to the page which displays the products description. i want that same page to display each products description upon selection. how do i go about it?

Hi there, @novotelsystems… one way to do what you described is to set the page’s type of content to your product data type, and when a product is clicked in the repeating group, navigate to the page and send the current cell’s product to the page.

Hope this helps.


please I’m new to bubble so can you rephrase the answer again

Aside from just replying and asking me to rephrase my answer, what did you try? Share some screenshots.

I assume that’s the page with the repeating group, and it probably doesn’t need to have its type of content set to recipes. You said you want to have another page that displays the details, and that is the page to which my initial reply is referring.

Yh but I don’t really get what you mean, Thus why I want you to rephrase it again

Repeating Group of Do a search for Recipes
Group inside repeating group cell
Click ‘add workflow’ on that group
Go to page (your product page) and send data Current cell’s product

If this doesn’t hit home either, try Academy | Bubble as a starting point.

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