Using Result of Expression to trigger workflow

Hello, I am currently installing an API to calculate Shipping automatically on my marketplace,

Placed an Input field with the Expression on the cart for each item. The Input is filled automatically by the expression… but Bubble doesn’t recognize that as an Entry to trigger the Workflow…

So it only works when we type the value manually. Is there a way to trigger the workflow by just getting the result of the expression?


If you go to the Bubble API Connector and make it an Action instead of Data then you can put the action in a workflow to save the field value. Then just don’t allow the input to be manually edited and set its initial value to the data type’s field value that you are trying to save.


You can try to add a conditional on a Do When a condition is true Everytime, and make it to where if the input’s value does not equal the database value then save it. Like Do When Parent Group Data Type’s field is not input’s value, then make changes to data type where field equals input’s value.

Trying the Second method, I can’t find the “Input field” to set a condition using it…

Will try the first one

Ok the input must be in a repeating group? Then the second method would not work.


Well, I trying the first method but we are using 2 API’s on the Expression… If I change it to Action, I understand it must be used in workflow instead of Expressions…

However is kind of unclear, how this is going to work…


API gets dimension and weight from a product Database, and give me Shipping in BRL (currency) then I have another API changing the value to USD, all of this on the same expression, and running automatically on the Input settings

So transferring this to Workflow, I need a trigger to start and make the API first action, then the API Second action using the result of the first one, and “Make a change to Things”. but unfortunately I don’t have Parent Group’s Item cart as an option to use it as a source of data for the first API… I tried using Current Page User’ cart’s each Item and also do a Search but it doesn’t work…

Well, I wasn’t able to make that work, so I had to insert a button called "calculate shipping"to trigger the events…

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