Using reusable element in a repeating group

I want to use a reusable element (a product card) on a e-commerce collection page’s repeating group. The Dynamic properties of the reusable element are not getting rendered in the repeating group. For example, the product image, product name is not visible in the repeating group.

The other option is to create a product card on different screens, but then I will need to create. 3-4 variants of product card and modify all of them for any change. Any solution available on this?

Why aren’t they? Have you checked the debugger?

Debugger is showing mostly front end attributes. It is not showing anything about the data source. Some static elements of the product card are visible. See the image. Product card is a reusable element here.

The page editor shows the dynamic elements correctly.

Can you share how are you sending and using the Dynamic properties? It seems like the data is just not being shared between the repeating group and the element you want to use it.

It is configured like this. Agree that the data is not getting shared between the repeating group and the reusable element. If I create the product card newly (without using reusable element), then it works properly.

Does anyone have any solution for this? Or is this even possible?

Make sure the reusable product card is of type product. Then when you place it inside the repeating group, set the data source to be of that repeating group i.e current cell product.

Awesome! Thanks a lot @frankhenry! :raised_hands:
I had missed the last step here ‘set the data source to be of that repeating group i.e current cell product’. This is working fine now.

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