Using Slugs For Player Profile?

I am creating a social media platform kinda like twitter but creating a player profile page is where I am having trouble. The layout is fine but am I creating individual pages for a player user, or just having a Group change to display data but then how would I change the URL? Please help cause i am so confused!

What I would do is set the page data on the page where you’d like to have the profiles displayed, then you can use the slug feature indicated at

To make the slug work you will need to define a field in the DB. So at player sign up in your case, you can make the slug something like firstname-lastname.

For the slug to work, you need to set the page data (like @johnny) said to something like “player profile” or whatever you may call it.

Then any element within the page can refer to “current pages player profile.”

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Okay so when doing that, how would I display the profile? Like change the data of a group or would there be separate pages for each profile?

so, for example, if you are to display a profile’s profile picture, you’d reference the dynamic data of “Current Page’s Profile”

I think i figured everything out! Thank you so much!

No problem!

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