Using the result from the previous step when we have many conditionals

Sometimes we have several conditional steps in a WF, say steps 2 and 3, each one makes a change to one thing if its conditional is satisfied.

Let’s say in the first step (step 1) I am creating this thing and in step 2 making a change if condition X is satisfied or making a change in step 3 if condition Y is satisfied.

Now in step 4 I want to get the result of the field that was changed. If I just get the result from step 1 (specific field), the value still won’t be there, correct? Because the changes haven’t happened yet.

But for me to get the value of this field I would have to create two steps, step 4 that gets the value from step 2 (if the change occurred there, that is, the results from step 2 is not empty) and step 5 to get the results from step 3 (if the result of that step is not empty).

But here we are talking about only 2 conditionals, and if we have more, this would result in several conditional steps and several steps to obtain the result of these conditional changes. That said, after all the conditional change steps, could I create a step to perform a “fake” change, which only references the item created in step 1, but does not make any changes, allowing me to use this last step as reference for other later steps?

I hope you can understand the logic here.

I believe that the changes should be there (per Bubble) but have encountered instances when it seems that the changes in step 2 or 3 weren’t being reflected in step 4.

So the way I solve this is to combine steps 2 & 3 into a custom event that becomes the new step 2 (can add a conditional if X or Y for the CE) so to ensure any modifications are made before accessing the thing in the new step 3 (formerly step 4).