Open button inside repeating group

Hey guys.
I have a repeating group form with some basic info about users. It has an Icon that open a group inside repeating group to show an additional info about user. But I want to open only one row with the one specific user.

Hi there, @zelftb… one way to do what you described is to set a custom state’s value to the current cell’s index when the icon is clicked. Then, add a condition to the group that shows the additional info about the user that says when the custom state’s value is the current cell’s index, the group is visible.

Hope this helps.


To achieve this behaviour, you have to set the element you want to be visible when the show more is clicked in a group and make that group invisible on page load.

when the show more button is clicked you set a state called toggle and a data type of number. The value of the state will be

the current cell index.

On the group, you want to show when the show more button is clicked you add a condition that says,

when repeating_group_ problem toggle is current cell index. This element is visible

It works but what I have to change if I want to close previous shown group when choose another one to open?

You shouldn’t have to change anything because the only group that should be showing is the group that is in the cell with the index that matches the custom state’s value.

Yep thanks. My mistake. I’ve set custom state to an element of repeating group but not to whole page.

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