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Using vendor's API to download their database to my Laptop

Hello, hope all is well. Newbie here. A vendor’s API has a method to download their database. I have the credentials, permissions, access and the method to use. Is it possible to use bubble, make that API call and download the database to my laptop? Thanks!

Depending on how big the list is, you can use the Download as CSV action for this.

Thanks @emmanuel. It’s a MySql database. Close to 2 GB in size. Is there a way to download a file that size locally to the computer? Thanks again.

No that will be too big and will freeze the browser unfortunately.

Ok, thanks @emmanuel . There goes that idea. Is there some type of 3rd party service I could send it for storage? Thanks for help.

Could try Chrome’s postman app, or in linux (OSX maybe) use “curl”.

Thanks @mishav! I’ll try that.