Using weglot together with settings -> languages

The bubble internal language / translation with app text does not translate database information and dynamic texts. That is why we are practically forced to use weglot (because we do not want to make complex database changes and workflows).

What is the best way to use weglot together with the bubble internal translation system (because we have already translated a lot of static texts with bubble).

Thanks a lot for your message. Weglot Support here.
Not sure exactly how the “internal translation system” works in Bubble, note that we usually advise to work with only one translation system at a time, in order to prevent translation conflicts.
For instance, if a content is already translated by default with the “internal translation system”, Weglot can try to translate back this content in the translated language you’re managing into your Weglot account.
Weglot should be able to translate your content, even if it’s dynamically generated, as long as the content is not generated in an iframe.
See in the documentation below how Weglot can help you translating dynamically generated elements.

If you need further help to translate your website, or if you have any other questions, don’t hesitate to contact us directly at :slight_smile:

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