UX / Bubble Freelance Agency 🚀 (Site update)

Hi Everyone,

After having bubbled intensively for my own projects and freelance projects, I’ve decided to make it more official
and creating a webpage advertising my services : Ideable*

Originally a UX Researcher and Designer, Bubble allowed me to combine UX process with ‘real’ app development. And basically to make my UX concept anddesign a reality, which is awesome and certainly the future of UX Design!

I aim then at offering to clients to think their concept in a user-centered way while designing and implementing it through Bubble.

Feel free to ping me if you have any needs or even if you have any feedbacks/questions! I’ll be happy to talk!

All the best,


PS: As a French, but living in Germany, the page is also in French here Ideable Agence :fr:


Site looks great!

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thanks! :+1:

I like. You’ll be hearing from me soon to put some spit and polish to the app I’ve been working on. Works well but can use some professional UX treatment.

@gnelson thanks, looking forward to know more about it!

Great looking site, really impressive.

As a designer with Bubble skills you will be flat out in no time I am sure :slight_smile: :rocket:

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Thanks @NigelG , appreciate. And I have to say that you and the other Bubble aficionados in this forum really helped me to get there!

Le site web est vraiment réussi ! Félicitations
Je vous souhaite bonne chance …

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Merci Fred! Content de voir un français/francophone par ici :wink:

Je parle français mais ma langue maternelle est le néerlandais :smiley:
Je suis relativement nouveau sur la plateforme Bubble et en train d’essayer de construire ma première app
Ce n’est pas évident mais beaucoup de volonté pour l’apprendre…

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I think it’s cool that you’ve started your agency! There are several open projects for Bubble Freelancers and Agencies under http://bubble-expert.com/all-projects

Great to see the Bubble Community in Germany grow!


Bon courage et n’hesites pas si besoin d’aide! Et chapeau, Français parfait :+1:

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Encore une fois, bravo pour le site ! :slight_smile:

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Thanks Dominique et merci encore pour tes feedbacks, ca m’a servi :+1:

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Hey Bubblers,

I redesign the website to reflect more the offering and the values of our services. Wanted to share it!
Be happy for your feedbacks :slight_smile:

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Today we (soft) launched our completely redesigned website! :rocket:

Almost a year ago I sent Matt a private message as a lonely freelancer looking for a conversation. Turned out we clicked and had a similar story. We both quit well paying jobs in big companies to do something more meaningful, to be at the frontier of the no/low code movement, to be a part of the next big thing in tech, something that will disrupt an entire industry… Or well, more realistically, just trying to make a living developing apps… :smiley:

After some work as a lone freelancer and partner for some of the other agencies, we decided to join forces and go all in with Ideable*, an agency providing quality standardized but custom design with a big focus on User Experience and client consultancy with a solid design and development process.

So far it has been an awesome experience, I've met all kinds of nice new people, the business is developing better than expected and above all: I thoroughly enjoy what I'm doing.

To think it's all thanks to two guys with a vision and the guts to just go and do it… the internet truly is a remarkable thing! Thanks @josh and @emmanuel for providing the opportunities!

Almost forgot! Check it out: www.ideable.co What do you think?



Good job guys!


Stunning redesign and portfolio, @vincent56 and @mattmazzega! Definitely some of the best Bubble work that I’ve seen! Congratulations on the launch and best wishes for the future! :smiley: :rocket::sparkles:


Thank you Faye, that means a lot coming from you!

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Site looks great, but did notice something. ArtQ apppears on both yours & Zeroqode’s portfolios. Any explanation?