Email Validator Plugin

Hi! Can someone explain me how to use/run Bubble’s email validator plugin step by step once installed?

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It runs as an API … “Check if an email address exists”.

So you can use it in several places…

In a workflow …

In an element.

As a condition etc

Examples here.



Is it possible to translate the email validator?


This plugin doesn’t verify hotmail & outlook emails. Returns a timeout error

I am having the same problem with Hotmail and outlook when trying to use the validator, it shown there is not valid email.
Is this a bug? or a Microsoft problem?
I tried to find something in the forum with no luck!
Thanks guys

Hey; This might not be exactly your answer, but I have tried 3rd party email validation plugins and it works perfectly for me. You can easily combat it with fake signups. Here is a URL you might want to check: