API Data call is being saved in one cell

Hello everyone, appreciate your time.

I’ve been trying to save an API call to Bubble’s database but unfortunately without success.

A bit more details:
I am trying to save data of an API call. I have successfully connected a news rss feed via API connector, using rss2json.com, I am getting all the data I need, but here’s the issue.

Data is being saved in one cell, instead of several ones.

My final goal is to get one repeating group of a data called News. (several rss sources).

So far I’ve been following the following steps:

  1. Create 2 API Endpoints in the API Workflows: ‘create’ and ‘data’.

  2. API Workflows > Data > Create a new thing… > ‘News’ - a data type with 2 fields: ‘Title’ (list) and ‘description’ (not list)

  3. I’ve tried both list and item to check what might be the issue.

  4. Creating another endpoint: ‘data’ as described below.

  5. Triggering the API workflow with a button.

Any ideas what is going wrong?

Can you explain what you are doing before triggering the API workflow?
Can we see the setting of API call and how you send data to your API Workflow endpoint?

This are the API settings:

I am sending the data using a save button (just as a test):

The endpoints I’ve posted above.

Is there anything else I can share to clarify the issue?

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You want to send the items part of API Data?

Not sure if I understand what you are saying.

What I am trying to do is to display several News RSS Feeds (via API), I have successfully set one source into one repeating group, but having issues displaying several sources.

So what I thought is saving the API call into the database, and displaying this data to the repeating group.

Following this previous issue that I had Difficulties setting up an API End point - Couldn’t get it solved.

So I’ve tried to see how can I put several API into one repeating group in this post: Displaying multiple APIs in One repeating Group, but didn’t get much response as well…

So here I am now :slight_smile: trying to figure out how to save the a news feed into Bubble’s database, hope to have more luck this time.


Share your bubble app editor details, will check the issue.

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