Vanilla Rich Text Editor BETA 5 UPDATE (THEMES)


Ideally there could be many sub-levels, each changing the scheme - 1 i a, 1 i b, 2 ii a, for example.

Even better would be to combine above with user set of levels. Eg - maybe this time I need 1 i a but maybe next time I need 1 a i.

Not trying to be greedy, just trying to give you a real use case.


I understand. I don’t think I will manage to properly pull off a schema. But I should be able to add sub levels as an option.

I will let you know tonight

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By the way. Have you considered using content editable to make editable bubble text elements (not fields but actual text content)?

Each textfield would be editable, when clicking edit you could add the contenteditable value to the relevant div`s.

Example: W3Schools Tryit Editor
You can listen to changes with the HTML5 input event and then either fire update to bubble db via custom code, or via an ID attached hidden input field in bubble, activating it with a jQuery .changed event. Should probably add a delay x seconds for Saving so that we dont fire a save for each keypress. You could also show a global save button on the page when any content has changed from keypress.

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A very similar feature is available…

Though not at this current stage. Maybe down the line

Hello Ali,

Any chance I can get to test this too?


Whats your apps name

Any results of test on safari?

Hey all your feedback please I want to launch next week

Plugin is working great overall in the short time I’ve had to experiment with it.

One possible bug: when I highlight an existing chunk of text and format it as bullets, the plugin creates multiple bullet points in addition to bullet points around some of the text that I did not highlight (mainly, above the highlighted section) :

I’ll look into it in more detail tomorrow, it might be a conflict with some of the existing html styling. This plugin is awesome btw!

Basebuild - many thanks

Hi Ali,

The editor appears to work fine however it still defaults to “Apple System” font which pushes the UNDO / REDO icons to the next line. Could you limit the width of the drop down box and make it hide text that exceeds the width of the box?

Can you replicate the text and send me the HTML code so I can replicate?

Pushing the toolbar is expected. Please check the following

  1. when plugin is loaded on page what’s the font used?
  2. when plugin has focus does the font change to the default set in the editor?

Just PM’ed you the code. Another one:

  • After entering full screen mode, allowing the computer to sleep/diconnect from all networks, and then bringing the computer back online and viewing the page with this plugin installed…it appears that the page text is now selectable through the fullscreen plugin editor window (see below)

  • Note - For testing, I had the html code displayed on the page as a text element (although it could have been any text). In the editor, I placed the plugin in the center of the screen, and had the text element (in this case, the html output of the text editor) above it.

  1. The default is called “Apple System” which is odd (first I’ve ever seen). I presume that means Apple’s default system font of San Francisco.
  2. When the plugin has focus and is clicked, the font stays as Apple System. If I change the font to Arial, the Undo and Redo buttons return to the top line. Also note, that once you click “Apple System”, there is no Apple System listed in the font list.

If you review my first screenshot from my original post you can see the exact wording of the Apple System font in the drop down.

I believe this is what’s happening

  1. yes safari is using the default apple font although when the editor has focus it should change to the default font. Since the apple system font is not part of the list you should not be able to use it again once changed. The goal here is for the editor to show the default font from once it’s loaded.

  2. the undo redo buttons wrap to the next line because the editor needs to display the other font name so the width is being squeezed on to the next line in toolbar

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NEW Features and options added. Check them out here

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This has been added. Activate Airmode or have a look at the demo page

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I have added image size limit this should help a bit

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