Vanilla Rich Text Editor Now Live


Hey All,

Great news the new Vanilla rich Text Editor is now Live and available in 2 flavors. Subscription & Per App license. For more information please visit the microsite here. Remember if you are early beta testers to check out the % discount :smile: For everyone else I have included a limited time 10% off.

Beta testers please note: That you are now migrated to a demo which will expire in 15 Days…

Check it out here


You sell it $10/month.
How much will it cost for a licence ?

Right now it’s $95 per app with a 10% discount so act fast

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I’ve been one of the Beta Users. I’d like to add that the plugin has a tremendous number of features which make it valuable for a whole lot of different use cases.

Additionally, @AliFarahat has provided great support. When we’ve run into bugs with earlier versions, he’s looked into them and worked them through until completion. This gives me piece of mind that the current version is both well tested and also actively supported in case you run into an edge case that needs better error handling.

We’re buying the plugin for our app – it’s a no-brainer for us.


Thanks for the great review

Hey everyone, the plugin has been updated to include more control over height calculations. Expand to fit text now has two methods.



Hey, I’ve been trying out the editor, there is something im currently missing. The use caze its that I have some HTML templates the user select and thats the initial content for the Vanilla Editor but Im not able to modify the images just delete them and add new ones, or being able to resize the image. Do you have these features on the roadmap?

Thanks and great work

Thanks for the message. Replacing images are not in scope of this. PM me for other custom options

This one time license fee is a great way to sell this. Awesome job on this plugin.

One question though. The table when inserted and text is input automatically resizes the columns. Is this supposed to happen right away before the column size is reached?

Another question. Can we have the menu options on or off based on a condition? For example can the text editor have view mode on/off. Are we able to customize which options are available to users of an app?

No idea on the column I resizing I take it. @AliFarahat

Hey @Bradluffy

Sorry did I miss something. What do you mean?

This is what I am trying to figure out

@AliFarahat Is there a way to enable Auto-binding when users change the value in the Vanilla RTE ?

It’s on the list will try to get to it soon


Hey Ali, any updates or a projected completion time on auto binding?

Let us know! Would be great to have