VC/Angel Funded Startups


Have you or anyone you know worked on a Bubble-built startup that was angel/VC backed?

I’m trying to make a list, thought it would be cool to share with people.

I’ve worked on at least 4. There’s a fair amount of vc backed players here.


Would it be ok if you share the names of the companies?

I had the pleasure of working with one

I’d love to have access to such a list. Tho, I must say, I struggle to find others, outside the bubble-sphere who are open to taking this platform seriously? I Demo the product and they oooh and aaaaahhhh. Then I tell them it’s built on bubble and they say… “…that’s too bad.” I respond with, isn’t building a fully functional prototype what I’m supposed to do? I love bubble, it has loads of potential that I can’t yet even scratch the surface of. I don’t get it?!

Perhaps they can’t capexify somehow, hence the issue?

Same here, but

Bubble has been talked about for all the wrong reasons lately. Unending bugs and messy pricing changes has overshadowed the potential of the product. Bubble has done everything to highlight the downsides of nocode which is still in the early days and its a pretty tight community, word travels fast.

Hopefully with improvements to platform reliability, that will change.

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I’m non-technical and don’t how to write a single line of code… Yet, since I started this journey with bubble I have come understand that few, if any, stand-alone products are completely trouble free. And, eyes open, the trade off is to have bubble run interference for me every time WWW decides to make a change or security issues arise etc etc. I think the main issue for me is that I only jumped into bubble to build a product MVP is because COVID hit and it was the only way to keep the project moving. I that sense it’s been a game changer. However, I’m better suited to CEO tasks and less so CTO tasks. Yet, with so many choices available, here in Seattle, I struggle to find a qualified technical partner goes on. And, without that technical partner standing by my side, that oportune elevator pitch continues to ring hollow.