Verification system not working

I am implementing a verification process for my website. Users sign up and receive a verification email, and are then supposed to click a button on the website to verify their email address after entering the code provided in the email. However, nothing happens when the button is clicked after entering the code and no error message is being displayed when an incorrect code is entered. Can you assist in resolving this issue?

Okay screenshot your workflows, more importantly the workflow on the “Confirm” button

So they receive an email with a code, then put that code on screen, or do they just click a confirmation link?

Here are the Screenshots:

The conditional expressions seem fine… you’re saying nothing happens at all? Have you made sure the User’s expiration date and verification code are being written to the database? Do you have privacy rules not allowing the user to see their own fields?

Have you tried debug mode step-by-step, and seeing what it is doing?

After checking the database, it appears that the verification code and expiration date are being properly recorded. Users are also able to view their own fields. When testing the system, I found that when no code is entered, the alert function works as intended and the step-by-step feature activates. However, when a verification code, correct or incorrect, is entered and the button is clicked, no action occurs and the step-by-step feature does not display any information, nor does it even pop up.

Note: the strange placement of the verification button was for testing purposes