I stuck in a step to verify the account using email code

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I stuck in one process . I want that when any one register the app , the account should verify from email code that will be send . When the 4 digit code send to mail , the user enter that code and then the account will verify . I created the screen , but I am puzzle how to verify by entering the code. Can any one help me to sort out this issue and if any one have example how it can do. Thanks


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There multiple ways to do it so, you could try this :

  1. When your users register, create a yes/no status « Verified» field on any user (preset onto NO) and generate a random string of 4 digit for each of them in another field.

  2. Second step of the workflow would be to send an email within obviously the 4 digit code and a link to the verification page -> www.yourapp/verificationpage/user’s unique ID

Push the unique ID of the user right after a slash into the link.

  1. Set your verification page’s type onto « user ».

Now, people can have access to their very specific page, and hit the confirmation button, you can add a condition like « when user click button CONFIRM only when 4 digit input’s value is equal to current page user 4 digit code then log the user in. »

You should change the verification status from No to Yes.


That is a basic way, I’m not actually in front of my computer and I’m sure somebody more experimented than me could figure out something more « professional ».

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Hi @karanjot001,

The above post works, but you can do it another way as well.

You would add a data field to the user for verification code and another data fieId for expiry date.

Then when the user selects send code, you’d email a unique code to them, and set those data fields to the user (code and expiration date).

When the user comes back to the page, you check what they entered against the data field you have for them, as well as the expiration date.

Hope that helps. We have a full video on this at nocodify.com too.



Hi @Nocodify

I go through your website and watch the tutorial . I want to know one thing . The person how is teaching in the tutorial is that you ??

Yes - it’s me!

@Nocodify .Great . Do you have tutorials in your course that I am looking for to develop . Here is the requirement :- I will buy your plan if you have below tutorials

-Create a page for host to schedule sessions

-Schedule a video session and have the ability to add this event on personal e-calendars like Google, Yahoo, etc.

-Generate unique URLs the host can share with subscribers

We have a video chat tutorial that can help you with most of this. The ability to add event to personal calendars isn’t covered, but I’ll add that to the backlog for future tutorials.

@Nocodify . But is it possible in bubble to do ( add event to personal calendars )

Yes, it is possible

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