Verifying Data from the Database / Modified Sign in process

My app requires that any user must already be in the app’s database before they can access their account. Every user has a numeric code associated with their name and a dummy email account. To create this verification I create a popup when the user clicks sign up thats asks the to enter their numeric code and name as inputs. Ideally those inputs will be searched and verified against the existing list of users in the database and then the user can continue with a sign up that adds a password and updates the email address in the database. I am currently having trouble creating the work flow that would search for both inputs and identify the account to modify. Any assistants would be appreciated.

Currently I am struggling with the logic involved in the workflow I have added a diagram of the process I would like to complete.

Thank You.

Hi, can you please explain more the problem that you have, maybe some screenshots from your acctual condition/search logic could be helpfull.

Try condition “If only”

Do search for… User (with constraint email = your popup input email value)
Do search for… User (with constraint number = your popup input number value)

This is what I currently have but I cannot seem to satisfy the ‘only when’ condition.

When I try to complete the “only when” I can never seem to complete the term so that the text is anything other than red. the option that I am given after I make a selection never quite fit with what I think they should be.

Even this string of conditions seems to want more and more. I am also getting an error that the Only When should be a yes/no.


Try Your only when command with,
Search for User: count =1
Instead of “contains”
You check your condition before (inside search) now you want to look at the number of results (0 or 1)

I do not seem to have that options or perhaps i’m trying to enter them in the wrong place?

…is not 0

ok if this has found and verified the user data, how can I continue to work with that user specifically to modify the dummy email in the database then add a password. Would I use bubble’s native login/sign up tools or do i have to rigged something completely new?