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Problem searching for a value in my database

Hello everyone, I am a beginner on Bubble and here is my problem.
My user enters a referral code and clicks on a button. I would like my workflow to search my database in the referry column for the added value.
I can’t set it up, I use in “Only when” the “search for”, I choose “User”, "each item’s Parrainage (the list I want to match with the input value).
But once the test is done, it does not work. Any idea ?

Yes, the conditional on the action is probably the problem.

No need to use condition like “input value is empty”…instead, on the input element itself, check the box that says ‘this input should not be empty’ then if the workflow attempts to run an action that requires the value of that input the action will not run and the input value will be considered not valid and the input should be highlighted with the color of border for when the input is not valid.

Also, the search for users with re-enter passwords value is definitely wrong…I don’t know what kind of value you have in the input, but if it is a password, there is no way to access passwords, so that type of expression would never work.

Hi ! Thank you for your answer :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:
I didn’t change the name yet but the input field it’s a character chain (it’s a refferal code names “Parrainage” in my data)
Do you have an idea how can I check a match between the input field and my User’s data row “Parrainage”? The field has to be wrong if there are no match :sweat_smile:
Thanks a lot

In a conditional put a dynamic expression that will use the inputs value is not current users Parrainage

I would like to check Parrainage row for all users and not only the current User :slight_smile:
It’s a referral code, if a user enter an existing referral code in my User’s data “Parrainage”, it’s a match. I don’t know how can I create this match ahah :slight_smile:

Up ? :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: