Version Control - back and forth?

Hi all!

I haven’t played with version control yet and would love to understand it better before I move forward (or not) with an issue.

Somehow, I lost one workflow on a button. (A lot was happening with this workflow and I’d rather not recreate, if possible.) The button’s there, it has a box on the workflow tab but all the steps are missing.

Is it possible to:

  1. Revert back to a time that I know it was working (I have test data with timestamps)
  2. Copy that button with workflows
  3. Revert again to today (forward in time)*
  4. Paste that button with workflows

*This is the part I don’t understand well enough. When you revert, are the more recent versions destroyed so you can only go back in time? Or is each deployment like a snapshot?

Thanks so much!

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