Vertical scrolling in a groupe with fixed height

Hi everyone,

I’ve been testing only for a few hours, the answer i’m looking might be obivous but i can’t find it anywhere. Thanks in advance for your answer :wink:

Context (app) :
top : “header” - 5% height
mid : “body” - 90% height
bottom : “navbar” - 5% height

I want to make the body scrollable while staying at it’s 90% height ratio so it doesnt squeeze the header / navbar. I tried with the “allow vertical scrolling when content overflows” property but it just keep adding height to the page itself.

Maybe it have something to do with putting a max height to the page but i can’t do that, i can only put “min height”.

If this is in the documentation i will be grateful to have a link to the section. :slightly_smiling_face:

up - someone ?

Does setting the Min height on the page itself not work?
I don’t mean the height of the header, main content and footer placed inside, but the setting of the page itself that covers them all.
I have tested the same ratio as you with the Min height of the page itself set to 1080px and the scrollbar appeared inside with no problem.
If you want to pin the footer to the bottom of the browser then the Floating Group may help.


Thanks it work but not because of the page height but because it wasn’t a floating groupe. :upside_down_face:

I worked privously on FlutterFlow and when your mid section, here it’s “body”, is scrollable, the editing page doesnt show the overflow. So if you want to edit something at the end of your scrollable section you need to scroll down into it. In Bubble the page itself is getting bigger each time you had something even tho it’s a scrollable section, that’s maybe why i wasn’t understanding.